Steve Baquet - President

ABC Insurance and our family of companies have been in business since 1998 serving the Tucson Area and southern Arizona from two locations: 1. North Central off i-10 at Grant Road; 2. Southwest of i-10 at Irvington. Our fully bilingual staff and management specialize in offering superior customer service both personally and via the internet with an expanding client base of 15,000 households. 

ABC Insurance – A Baquet Company has an insurance policy for everyone with the best companies at the lowest cost to the client. We have homeowner, renters, auto, commercial, life and health, accidental – everything even including Income Tax accounting, auto title services, bonds, and Notary Services. 

Having retired early after a successful 21-year career in senior management at a Fortune 500 Company;

Steve Baquet expanded his professional portfolio by starting from scratch a $10 million dollar independent insurance brokerage. His company owns and operates two major retail locations in Tucson, Arizona and boasts over 15,000 clients. 

 Along with overseeing the insurance business operations, Steve manages the purchases and leasing for Baquet Properties, LLC. Commercial real estate ventures. He has been monumental in consulting for local, national, and international organizations. Always surpassing his goals to benefit those around him. His achievements show vision to leverage many industry trends. ÔÇťOrganizing people and resources in demanding environments is where I excel.” 

– Steve Baquet